IMG 6964Mission: Transition

Our mission is to support new veterans through a more successful transition.
We are doing this by building ReGroup Ranches where veterans (and their families) can engage in transition services to prevent the hardships that often lead to homelessness & suicides.
Select at risk of hardship veterans will be eligible for free onsite housing services while they complete our 18 month 3 Phase Program.

Phase 1 - Discovery
  • Transition Team is formed and Transition Plan is started.
  • Discover new self through counseling to address PTS, couple/family issues, substance abuse.
  • Participate in Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Exploration programs.
  • Research all options (school vs work).
  • Complete all benefits paperwork.
  • Complete financial planning.
  • Explore our network of veteran service providers.
Phase 3 - Deployment
  • Transition Plan is deployed as they start work or school.
  • Peer to Peer Support - Interact with their new civilian peers with support of military peers at end of each day for veterans living on site and regular social events for all other veterans.
  • Veterans living on site can save up funds for down payments/deposits on housing.
Phase 2 - Development
  • Continue to work with Transition Team on Transition Plan.
  • Work in mentorship/job shadowing type arrangements in their career field to get hands on experience before.
  • applying for jobs or starting school.
  • Start applying for schools/jobs.
  • Identify new "mission" through volunteerism in the community.

Growing Healthier Americans !

A key success factor is our business model to ReGroup Foundation’s business model is that each of the ReGroup Ranches will become self sustaining; meaning that donations will only be required during the initial acquisition and development phase of each of the properties.
Once construction is complete, a variety of agri/aquaculture enterprises will operate to provide funds sufficient to cover the Foundation expenses as well as to generate funds for expansion goals to purchase and develop future ReGroup Ranches across the country.

This plan will:
  • Grow some of the food for residents on the ReGroup Ranch.
  • Generate funding for Foundation’s housing and programs from sales to local restaurants and markets.
  • Provide agri-therapy and bee therapy.
  • Introduce veterans to modern farming techniques and provide those interested with on-site education and entrepreneurial training available exclusively to veterans through state and federal programs.
  • Provide fresh, locally grown food to our communities in order to reduce our dependency on other countries for our supply.
The first ReGroup Ranch is under construction in New Braunfels, Texas.
This property will have a two story building with vertical grow aquaponics operation and beekeeping capable of generating an average annual gross sales of $2 million growing trout, tilapia, prawns, vegetables, greens, herbs & honey to sell to local restaurants & farmer’s markets.
16 Veterans will be housed on this smaller property during each 18 month class cycle.