Chris Blankenship  
COAB (Civilian Operations Advisory Board)

After completing studies in vocal music and TV production at the University of Colorado, Chris Blankenship launched his career in southern China in 1992. Working in the fields of television, film, and advertising, Chris as filled the roles of creative editor, visual effects artist, animator, music composer, producer, and director.

With this diversity in talent, he brings a balanced perspective to each project. Whether in a room of C-level executives or on set with a production crew, he is a clear communicator, and prides himself on honesty and integrity.

As a founding partner of Austin-based ProductionFor, he continues to provide quality creative projects, on time and on budget, for a variety of clients. He also has a passion for giving back to his community, loves swimming and the outdoors, and has been known to play guitar and drums.

Why ReGroup is important to me:

While never enlisted myself, I come from a long line of American military veterans dating at least as far back as the Civil War. It is our duty as a nation to treat our veterans with not just dignity and respect, but to uphold our agreements to provide a level of ongoing service to them that they've earned.

They have bravely served our country protecting us from threats across the globe, ensuring our democracy and freedom. We should step up and address issues directly related to their enlistment and service including homelessness, mental health issues, medical issues, substance abuse, suicide, and others. ho