Ross Kennedy - Vice President

Personal Biography

Any understanding of my personal background begins and ends with my unyielding commitment to my Country and my Tribe (that is, my family, friends, and community).  As the son and grandson of veterans, I was raised to identify with the traditional virtues of honor, integrity, hard work, patriotism, and respect for my fellow man.  This upbringing has been the firm foundation that has afforded me the blessing of being a part of many incredible teams and initiatives throughout my life.  Among these experiences has been spending years working closely with farmers and agribusiness leaders, implementing major projects that marry technology and food production, shipping millions of tons of grains and oilseeds, serving on two congressmen’s transportation advisory committees, and founding companies that are committed to addressing the thorniest supply chain requirements.  Above all, it has been my privilege to lead and partner with incredible people in solving difficult challenges.

“Why ReGroup”

While in uniform, our service members have significant personal and professional resources available to them.  However, that support stops for too many at the moment of transition.  Our veterans come home to lives they haven’t occupied in years, and aside from the memories, skills, and some close relationships, there are not a great many resources they are left with from their time in uniform.  With more than 2.7 million veterans having deployed at least once during the Global War on Terror since 2001, the private sector must do more to assist our transitioning veterans.  And while a great deal of attention has necessarily been paid to medical conditions in this cohort (in particular PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries), it is not this factor alone that drives the issues facing our veterans.

It is a lack of purpose and camaraderie.  If one asks a transitioning veteran what they feel most in those first months out of uniform, there is a strong likelihood that they will describe feeling alone, that they are pandered to but not heard, and face a daily struggle of what to do next.  They are, in the words of my favorite song, caught between “the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell”.  Many find themselves battling homelessness and hopelessness.  Yet it is not just the extreme cases that we should be solely concerned with.  Our veterans receive excellent training in many trades and skills, capabilities which atrophy without use - this represents an enormous investment that goes unutilized by companies and groups who could benefit greatly from our veterans’ ability to be force multipliers.

So, why ReGroup?  I believe in the mission - “Providing healthy, supportive living environments to prevent veteran homelessness and hardships.”  Moreover, I am impressed with the ReGroup family, veterans and civilians alike, all of whom are aligned towards the mission.  Finally, I am a firm proponent of embracing the purpose and dignity found in accomplishment and hard work.  Many groups that support our veterans are founded with the most noble intentions, but often do so by providing handouts.  ReGroup is following a different path, offering the opportunity for veterans to leverage their skills, find new purpose, and rebuild their own personal Tribes.  It is my honor to be a part of this mission and support the incredible men and women of our armed forces as they come home to build their communities, their new lives, and their new purpose.

Resume/CV (Highlights and Overview)

  • Founder, CEO, Partner
    KA Global, KA Global Trading
    Nov 2016 to Present

    As one of the founders and current CEO of KA Global (KAG) and KA Global Trading (KAGT), I lead the corporate activities of both entities.  Our companies are the premier provider for ventures that require trustworthy, secure, global transportation, trading, and specialized supply chain services.  We particularly target client partnerships in the food/agribusiness, chemical, energy, and defense sectors.  As a non-traditional logistics provider, we partner closely with our clients with the goal of securing and stabilizing their global supply chains, interconnecting with our clients at key points in their business model.  By providing a host of “bolt on” services, KAG offers a complete solution, including capital placement, commodity sourcing/procurement, physical security, import/export transportation services, distribution, and after-sales support.  As CEO, I am responsible for the “outward focus” of the organization and supporting the efforts of my incredible team towards the development, implementation, and management of these diverse activities.
  • Business Development Manager, Ohio Valley
    UWL (part of the World Group of transportation companies)
    Sep 2014 to Nov 2016

    As BDM for the Ohio Valley, I was tasked with building a book of business from the ground up for the World Group’s UWL and WDS companies.  Services offered included NVOCC/ocean freight forwarding, warehousing, customs brokerage, specialty transloading for lumber and agri commodities, domestic transport, and air freight services.  From a zero-base beginning, I grew the territory to more than $7 million per year in revenue, achieving average profit margins exceeding 10% across all modes.
  • Ocean Freight Coordinator
    Trans Coastal Supply Company
    May 2013 to Sep 2014

    In this role, I managed multiple major ocean shipline relationships to support the export of bulk agri products, with tasks including rate negotiation, demand forecasting, booking and execution, and customer service issues.   I also developed and exceeded P&L targets, troubleshot and improved internal contract execution, and facilitated areas of new growth for Trans Coastal and its shipline partners. 

    Further, I successfully managed more than 35,000 TEU in export container volume in my first year, increasing the logistics operations P&L by more than $300,000 in the first year through superior rate negotiation and contract execution.
  • Owner
    RCK, LLC
    Jun 2010 to May 2013
    Founded and built an independent consultancy specializing in process design, technology integration, and financial management for large row-crop farming businesses (3,000 acres or more).  We  developed, implemented, and managed total business processes, focusing primarily on: financial performance reporting, weekly inventory management, transportation and logistics initiatives, inputs purchasing, and capital investment.
  • Manager, Subsidiary Services and National Accounts
    FamilyFarms Group
    Jul 2007 to June 2010

    Within this role, I executed key strategic relationships for FamilyFarms and its member-clients, representing more than 250,000 acres of farm production across the United States.  My responsibilities included national account management of cooperative sales contracts, strategic planning, logistics support, and managing coordinated annual purchases of $25mm+ with vendor partners.  In addition, I served as the client-side project lead for building and implementing the first whole-farm traceability program, an initiative which has become Conservis’ industry-leading agribusiness suite of traceability and farm management software.  Finally, I served in multiple capacities in the development and implementation of the first row-crop certification for responsible farming practices and on-farm hazmat training, in partnership with Validus Services.
  • Commodity Trader Trainee, Logistics Coordinator
    Archer Daniels Midland
    May 2006 to Jul 2007