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Small GrassRoot Movements to create National Improvements 

As a way to accomplish our mission; we created this multifaceted campaign.
The goals of the campaign are :
To promote our fundraising campaign asking for a one time donation of 2 Cents.

If every adult in America (242,470,820) would each donate just 2 cents day for a year (only $7.30) 
it would be $1.77 Billion

We could build 118 ReGroup Ranches to house over 20,000 veterans 
every 18 months for decades to come.

Our Ranches are self sustaining so we would never need another donation 
from you or be dependent on government funding. 

Problem Solved!!                                                                                     donate hand                                
  • Create a nationwide alliance of veteran focused charities, businesses, military service members (past and present), and civilians that will meet locally & regularly to network and support each other's missions.
  • Create awareness, support, and funding for ReGroup Foundation and our collaborative charity partners
  • Increase traffic & sales of participating Veteran Owned Businesses**
  • Create awareness of the programs and inititiatives Sponsor Businesses are doing for our veterans.
  • Create opportunities for veteran authors, actors, athletes to make appearances at Veteran Owned Businesses to promote what they are working on.
  • Create Town Hall opportunities for local, state, and federal level politicians at Veteran Owned Businesses.
Events are FREE and open to the public so members of all branches of military (active and veterans), civilians, charities, and celebrities will come together to share their proverbial "2 Cents". 

Event Dates
Check out our 2 Cents calendar for list of upcoming events

*Charity Partners
Charity Partners are being chosen to participate because they have proven ability to combat one of the following challenges, issues, or hardships our veterans are dealing with or support healthy transitions: Homelessness, PTSD, Couple/Family Support & Counseling, Addiction, Employment, Education, Entrepreneurship; all of which can lower veteran suicide rates.
**Business Partners
(Veteran Owned or Military Friendly Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Breweries, etc...)
Businesses are being chosen to participate because they are veteran owned, have a company mission to employ and/or support veterans, or history of being a welcoming host to our service members.