• Immediate Needs
  • Experts
  • We are in need of an outside CPA firm willing to perform probono audit our 2015 and 2016 financials.
  • We have several open positions on our Board of Directors we are needing to fill.

  • Proof of Concept Ranch (under development)
    Building Supplies (Metal, Wood, Plumbing, Roofing, Windows, Doors,
  • Cabinetry, Flooring, Finish Out supplies)
    Septic Tank and Waste Water Treatment Facility
    Roadpack and Cement
    High Speed Internet Services
    Aquaculture Supplies (Tanks, Lights, Seeds, Fish, grow trays)

    Our goal is to build a ReGroup Ranch in every state in the USA

    as you can imagine, we are going to need help with some resources...

    • We need 200 to 1500 acre parcels for each of our larger ReGroup Ranches
          200 acres would provide a small workable ranch/1500 acres would allow significant cow/calf operations
    • Ideal locations:
      are far enough out to feel rurual yet be within 40 miles of a major Veterans Health facility, 
        are close to both major and junior colleges, vocational and technical schools, 
      have plenty of employment options
      have strong restaurant and farmer's market  or food processing plants to sell the crops grown on our ranches to

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Livestock and Farm Supplies
Cattle and other livestock, Seed for crops, Livestock feed
    Watering troughs and feed bins, 
    Tractors, Trailers, Front-end loaders

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Your Expertise In...
Farming, Ranching, Greenhouse Operations, Aquaculture, Construction,
Mechanical Maintenence, Teaching, Mentoring, Counseling

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